Greetings! My name is Emma, and I am a nature lover.

In my jewellery-making, this translates to a love of semiprecious stones that look like what they are: lumps of beautiful rock, pulled out of the earth. I tend to use undyed, unfaceted stones, rather than stones that have been highly refined and cut (though those are beautiful too).

As a vegetarian with vegan sympathies, I don't like to use real pearls, so I go out of my way to find irregularly shaped faux pearls that will imitate the stunning, organic beauty of freshwater pearls.
I also try to use imitation leather, rather than genuine leather, in consideration of those who would rather not wear animal skin. Where I do use real leather, it is from upholstery off-cuts or colour samples which would be thrown away if I did not turn them into something beautiful.

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I have a second shop here on Zibbet: Silverlight Jewellery – – for 'soft gothic', romantic and bohemian jewellery.
My blog at is no longer active, but there are some neat articles there, including the story of how Silverlight Jewellery's 'Pegasus' Sunrise' necklace became known as 'the Bobbi necklace' (

On holiday until further notice.