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Caramel Flowers: butterscotch blossom earrings


Item collection 7267104 original Gallery hero 7267104 original

Your choice of one dark brown, faux leather bracelets with antiqued-brass leaf or pinecone charms


Item collection 2776391 original Gallery hero 2776391 original

Copper Leaves: simple, birch leaf earrings on long ear-wires


Item collection 440929 original Gallery hero 440929 original

Bronze Skeleton Leaves: simple, autumnal bronze leaf earrings


Item collection 1673555 original Gallery hero 1673555 original

Pearl Berry earrings in cream: Swarovski pearls with bronze-coloured leaves


Item collection 1921853 original Gallery hero 1921853 original

Silver Starfish earrings: lifelike, double-sided, antiqued silver starfish charms


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