Item collection 2776391 original Gallery hero 2776391 original

Copper Leaves: simple, birch leaf earrings on long ear-wires


Item collection 264922 original Gallery hero 264922 original

Cherry Blossoms earrings: glass flowers with faux pearl centres on long ear-wires


Item collection 270858 original Gallery hero 270858 original

Caramel Flowers: butterscotch blossom earrings


Item collection 3106101 original Gallery hero 3106101 original

Golden Reindeer earrings: gold deer charms with brown Czech glass


Item collection 594038 original Gallery hero 594038 original

Bronze Leaf earrings: bold, lightweight, & earthy


Item collection 3835404 original Gallery hero 3835404 original

White Blossom Cluster earrings: pale, dainty glass flowers with buds and leaf charms on short hooks


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